The Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (APK) studies the immediate and lasting effects of exercise and its use in disease prevention and rehabilitation. Degree specializations include exercise physiology, fitness/wellness, athletic training, biomechanics, sport and exercise psychology, motor learning and control and human performance.

APK is also home to the Center for Exercise Science (CES). CES researchers are engaged in studies designed to improve our understanding of the basic mechanisms that underlie exercise-induced changes in the body at the organ, tissue, cellular and molecular level. Further, CES scientists are investigating applied topics such as the development of rehabilitation techniques for regaining motor control after stoke, maintaining optimal health, and delaying age-related declines in physiological function.
The primary goal of scientists in CES is to improve human health by advancing knowledge through research. Moreover, CES provides an outstanding laboratory environment to educate University of Florida students and post-doctoral fellows who will become the next generation of health-related exercise scientists and clinicians.

CES houses research laboratories dedicated to improving human health by advancing knowledge through research. This multidisciplinary research center is dedicated to investigating the complex interactions between physical activity, movement, aging, and muscle as well as neuromuscular adaptations. Treatment effects of nutrition, pharmacology, heat stress, muscle disuse, bimanual coordination, and Parkinson’s disease are investigated.