Distance Education and Outreach Committee


The Distance Education and Outreach (DEO) Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Assistant Dean for Distance Education and Outreach and to the Dean. This committee will provide oversight and recommendations that maintains the high quality educational mission of the College as well as conforming with the regulations of the University of Florida, its Board of Governors, and the State of Florida.


Members of the committee are recommended by the Assistant Dean and/or Department Chairs and appointed by the Dean. Each department will be represented by one member and total membership will be balanced among departments. Members may not serve on the Administrative Council and the DEO Committee at the same time. The Dean will appoint the committee chair.

Operating Code:

Distance Education and Outreach Committee Operating Code


Don Chaney (Ex. Officio)
Joslyn Ahlgren
Trevor Bopp
Christine Stopka



Agenda Items: