Dual Degree

The college can permit students to pursue dual degrees in multiple majors. To request a Dual Degree the following must be met:

  • Must have between 45 and 96 hours (excluding AP, IB, dual enrollment, or overseas study credit);
  • Must have at least a 3.0 UF GPA at the time the application is submitted, if at least one of the majors is in this college;
  • Must meet all universal tracking requirements for the HHP major requested. If one of the majors is outside the college, applicants must get approval from the appropriate college;
  • Must meet all other college progression standards for both majors and demonstrate potential for success in both majors (successful completion of major and major-related courses without excessive W’s, grades less than C, or multiple repeats)
  • Must be able to complete the degree within 138 hours or 8 semesters (not including summer) without exceeding the maximum credit hours per semester. (Excludes AP/IB courses not needed for HHP program); additional study is permitted only with the associate dean’s approval, and
  • Must have demonstrated a well articulated educational goal for which the double major or dual degree is appropriate and/or necessary.

Request for Additional Semesters:
Students who wish additional semesters must complete the General Petition Request and submit it with the graduation plan to your academic adviser. For your request to be considered, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have minimum 2.0 UF GPA
  • Have the minimum universal tracking GPA as designated by department curriculum
  • Have the minimum upper division GPA as designated by department curriculum
  • Have the minimum major GPA as designated by department curriculum

To schedule an appointment with your adviser, please do so online.