Summer 2013 Course Syllabi

APK – Summer A 2013 Course Syllabi

  • APK 2105c: Applied Human Physiology with Lab (Ahlgren)
  • APK 3200: Motor Learning (Borsa)

APK – Summer B 2013 Course Syllabi

  •  APK 2100c: Applied Human Anatomy (M,W-Tillman)
  •  APK 2100c: Applied Human Anatomy (T,R-Tillman)
  • APK 3110c: Physiology of Exercise Training (Criswell)
  • APK 3113: Principles of Strength and Conditioning (Adhihetty)
  • APK 3400: Introduction to Sport Psychology (Janelle)
  • ATR 2010c: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (B. Tripp)
  • ATR 3102: Prin Athletic Train (P. Tripp)
  • ATR 4112c: Emerg Manag ATH Traum (Naugle)