APK Internship Policies and Procedures Manual


  1. Introduction
    a. Description

    b. Expectations

    c. Intern Eligibility

    d. Goals and Objectives

    e. Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)

    f. Benefits

    g. Definitions

    h. Intern Responsibilities

    i. Site Supervisor Expectations

  2. Internship Selection and Approval

    a. Site Selection

    b. Site Approval

    c. Common internship duties/responsibilities

    d. Pre-internship Process

    e. Internship Application Packet/Submission

  3. Professional Conduct

    a. Professional Dress and Appearance

    b. Interpersonal Relationships

    c. Confidentiality

    d. Personal Website/Public Information Recommendation

    e. Code of Conduct

  4. Disciplinary Action

  5. Additional Internship Information

    a. APK Internship File

    b. Intern Evaluations

    c. Program Evaluations

    d. Internship Attendance and Absence Procedures

    e. E-mail/Communication Policy

    f. Outside Employment and Additional Coursework

    g. Exposures to Bloodborne Pathogens and Communicable Diseases

Appendix I: Code of Conduct

  1. Confidentiality and Professional Conduct Statement

  2. University of Florida HIPAA Policy

  3. Grievance Procedure