Appendix I: Code of Conduct

As aspiring professionals, it is imperative to seek out and maintain high standards of conduct.  Although not exclusive, the following list serves as a guideline to maintaining professional conduct.  This list should be used to supplement the Student Conduct Code found in the University of Florida Undergraduate Catalog.  Reasons for disciplinary action may include violation of one or more of the following behaviors.  At NO TIME during the internship experience, shall an intern:

  1. Be under the influence of any mind-altering substances (i.e., alcohol, drugs, etc.).
  2. Act in any way harmful or potentially harmful to oneself or others.
  3. Act in an imprudent fashion with regard to confidentiality issues.
  4. Fail to respect the authority and/or instructions of the supervisor, APK faculty, staff, etc.
  5. Have or seek to have a personal relationship with patients/clients directly under your care or whom you may provide care for in the future.
  6. Have or seek to have a personal relationship with a site supervisor from which you are receiving instruction or may receive instruction from in the future.
  7. Dress inappropriately (refer to ‘Professional Dress and Appearance)

Be tardy or absent without prior consent of the internship supervisor or intern coordinator.