Confidentiality and Professional Conduct Statement

All APK interns will adhere to the following policy regarding confidentiality and professional conduct. Anyone failing to adhere to this policy will be subject to disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the APK Undergraduate Internship Committee.

As an intern, you have an obligation to yourself, to all affiliated sites, to your supervisors, and to the University of Florida to withhold any information you acquire professionally or socially which is considered professionally confidential, from anyone (including media) other than your immediate supervisors. This includes any information about a medical condition, the treatment and rehabilitation of any medical condition and any information which you acquire that is not considered to be public knowledge.

The unique opportunity you have to observe and participate as a professional will be jeopardized if you violate confidentiality.

Professional conduct for all APK interns includes nondiscriminatory behaviors, honesty, and respect for fellow interns, co-workers, supervisors, patients/clients, and teachers/professors.