The following terms describe the parties involved in the internship experience and are used throughout this manual:

  1. Intern is the student registered for the capstone course, APK 4940c Internship.
  2. Internship Coordinator is the person who communicates with the internship sites, and who monitors the intern’s progress during the internship.
  3. Site Supervisor is the individual at the internship site responsible for monitoring and supervising the intern throughout the internship experience. This person provides instruction, offers advice, and supervision typical of that provided for a young professional in the industry/discipline. This person also provides assessment of student competencies via progress reports, midterm and final evaluations, and the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) evaluation. Please note that this person is not necessarily the signing authority for the internship site approval or affiliation agreement.
  4. Undergraduate Coordinator is responsible for the oversight of the APK undergraduate curriculum, which includes the internship course.
  5. Undergraduate Internship Committee is comprised of Intern Coordinator, Undergraduate Coordinator and Department Chair.