Intern Responsiblities

Read and adhere to all policies and procedures contained in the Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (APK) Undergraduate Internship Policies and Procedures Manual.

  1. Register for APK4940C using the section number provided to you by the Internship Coordinator.
  2. Make sure that your internship site has all of the materials that they require of you (i.e. proof of vaccinations, certifications) to begin experience.
  3. Understand expectations and required benchmarks for success.
  4. Become familiar with all APK required forms and the due dates, as indicated on the internship website. Make sure that your site supervisor is also aware of these forms and their due dates.
  5. Arrange advance meetings with your site supervisor to complete and discuss all forms. Keep a copy for your own records and upload a copy as part of the Internship course in Sakai.
  6. Regard your relationship with your site supervisor in the same manner as your relationship with university faculty. Expect your site supervisor to guide, correct, and advise you on a regular basis.
  7. Demonstrate personal characteristics appropriate for a professional (including, but not limited to) voice, speech, reliability, manner, confidence, enthusiasm, and rapport with others.
  8. Behave and dress appropriately to the particular workplace (Appendix I Professional Dress and Appearance). Avoid extremes in make-up, facial hair, clothing, and jewelry. Uphold University of Florida Student Conduct Code. It is the responsibility of the intern to review and abide by specific guidelines/policies in place the selected internship site.
  9. Familiarize and abide by all site policies and procedures applicable to the intern’s performance, conduct and behavior.
  10. Function as a full staff member. Assume the responsibilities and obligations of the other professional employees. (Some limitations of responsibilities will be necessary because of your limited experience and technical authority.) Follow the same calendar and daily schedule required of staff. Attend staff meetings. Sign in and out if required. Be punctual. Work the entire number of hours at the times agreed upon by you and your site supervisor. Notify your supervisor if you are unable to attend as planned and follow appropriate agency procedures.
  11. Respect the confidentiality of the workplace, its clients and its workers.
  12. Discuss your performance of assigned duties with the site supervisor on a regular basis. Evaluate yourself on the strong and weak parts of your performance. Take the initiative to ask the site supervisor for feedback concerning your performance.
  13. Be positive and enthusiastic about the internship. Offer to assist in all organizational activities. Observation of activity should increase your experience.
  14. Should patients, clients, and/or subjects request additional attention, clear such requests with the site supervisor.