Site Supervisor Expectations

  1. Make sure the intern clearly understands all responsibilities and expectations. Share with the intern the on-going program plan. Provide a planned instructional program that reflects sound learning experiences for the intern.
  2. Conduct a site orientation and review the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).
  3. Provide the intern with a comprehensive overview of the site’s organization and operation. Explain all policies and procedures, including reasons for filling out reports, records, safety, and liability issues, etc.
  4. Familiarize the intern with all parts of the facility.
  5. Conduct frequent evaluative sessions with the intern based on regular observation. The intern should gradually assume work assignments.
  6. Discuss progress of the intern with the intern coordinator. Arrange time for the intern to talk with the intern coordinator as needed.
  7. Maintain regular communication with the intern coordinator including when help is needed or a problem arises that requires solution. Inform the intern coordinator of an intern’s lack of attendance, punctuality, or any problems that occur.
  8. Encourage the intern to participate in any existing in-service or extension programs affiliated with the internship site.
  9. Discuss and review all reports and evaluations with the intern. Evaluate the intern’s progress and offer suggestions for improvement. All forms require your signature, and due dates can be found on the internship website.