Disciplinary Action

APK considers each intern and each professional violation independently (Appendix II Role of the APK Undergraduate Internship Committee). The APK Undergraduate Internship Committee may take the following action for offenses deemed minor; however, reserves the right to impose more stringent consequences.

1. First offense may result in a verbal warning.

2. Second offense may result in a written warning.

3. Third offense may result in removal from the internship, a grade of U, and postponement of graduation.

Grievances should be reported to the Intern Coordinator; appeals of APK Undergraduate Internship Committee decisions are handled through APK (see department academic advisor/intern coordinator for petition information and procedures. Please refer to the grievance and petition guidelines in the UF Undergraduate Catalog and the student conduct codes at the Division of Student Affairs website.

Harassment and discrimination of any form (sexual, verbal or physical) is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Interns should report any problems with other interns, faculty members, site supervisors, or patients/clients/subjects to the Intern Coordinator immediately. All efforts will be made to keep your identity anonymous.