Course Descriptions: APK Graduate Programs

Note: Number in parentheses indicates credit hours

HLP 6515: Evaluation Procedures in Health and Human Performance (3) Evaluation and interpretation of tests and analysis of research data.

HLP 6535: Research Methods (3) Introduction to research methodology and design.

HLP 6911: Research Seminar (1; max: 6) Research presentations by graduate students and faculty in the college. S/U

HLP 7979: Advanced Research (1-12) Research for doctoral students before admission to candidacy. Designed for students with a master’s degree in the field of study or for students who have been accepted for a doctoral program. Not open to students who have been admitted to candidacy. S/U.

HLP 7980: Research for Doctoral Dissertation (1-15) S/U.

APK 5404: Sport Psychology (3) Prereq: permission of instructor. Survey of current research, learning processes, motivation, performance intervention, strategies, group dynamics, history of sport psychology, and other topics.

APK 5127: Assessment in Exercise Science (3) Prereq: APK 3110C or equivalent. Techniques and methodologies to assess health and physical fitness.

PET 5936: Current Topics in Exercise and Sport Sciences (1-3; max: 9) Prereq: permission of department chairman. Offered, upon request of students, to meet special interests inadequately covered in other courses.

APK 6206: Planning Motor Actions (3) Prereq: permission of instructor. Processes and mechanisms involved in planning voluntary human motor actions. Variables that influence movement planning and initiation.

APK 6205C: Nature and Bases of Motor Performance (3) Principles relating to development of motor skill, with emphasis on conditions affecting its development and retention in activities.

APK 6408: Performance Enhancement (3) Prereq: APK 5404. Mental and psychological techniques and strategies to improve performance and achievement in sport and exercise.

APK 6406: Exercise Psychology (3) Overview of specialty. Research evidence examined for psychological factors associated with adapting and maintaining exercise program.

APK 6210: Controlling Motor Actions (3) Analysis of human voluntary motor actions, including mechanisms and systems involved in motor control.

APK 6410: Seminar in Exercise Psychology (3) Prereq: APK 6406 or consent of
instructor. Critical review of literature on selected topic. Students design group research project and pilot test.

APK 6106: Clinical Anatomy for the Exercise Sciences (3) Prereq: APK 2100; 2105C; 3110C. Cadaver dissection and lectures. Appreciation of clinical applications of anatomical knowledge for those pursuing careers in exercise science fields.

APK 6226C: Biomechanics of Human Motion (3) Prereq: APK 2100; MGF 1202 or
MAC 1142. Application of principles of statics, kinematics, and kinetics to kinesiological systems of the human body in movement and sports skills.

APK 6225: Biomechanical Instrumentation (3) Prereq: APK 6225C. Overview of data collection and analysis tools. Hands-on experience conducting projects using EMG, videography, and force transducer technology.

APK 6116C: Physiological Bases of Exercise and Sport Sciences (3) Application of fundamental concepts of human physiology to programs of physical education and sports. Recent research developments in sports physiology.

APK 6118: Neuromuscular Adaptation to Exercise (3) Prereq: APK 6116C. Description of neural and muscular function and adaptation to acute and chronic exercise. Research developments in neuromuscular adaptations to exercise.

APK 6126: Cardiopulmonary Pathologies (3) Prereq: PET 3350c, APK 3110c, or equivalent. Lecture and laboratory study of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of cardiac and pulmonary systems. Attention to cardiopulmonary function in diseased and stressed states. Emphasis on dysfunction, clinical assessment, and rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary patient.

APK 612: EKG Interpretation (3) Prereq: APK 2105C and 3110C. Basic and
intermediate electrocardiography including cardiac function, lead systems, rate, axis, infarction, ischemia, hypertrophy, and effects of cardiovascular drugs and exercise on EKG. Particular attention to EKGs of diseased populations during exercise.

APK 6306: Athletic Training Research and Technology I (3) Current theory and practical application of techniques (cardiovascular testing, isokinetic strength testing, and EMG testing) for understanding and design of research projects related to athletic training/sports medicine.

APK 6307: Athletic Training Research and Technology II (3) Prereq: NATA certified or eligible, or related degree/certification. Current theory and practical application of techniques (modalities in research, proprioception testing, and force plate and balance testing) for understanding and design of research projects related to athletic training/sports medicine.

APK 6314: Physical Assessment of Athletic Injuries (3) Designed for students who are NATA certified trainers. Identification, evaluation, and management of acute athletic injuries.

APK 6317: Rehabilitation and Modalities of Athletic Injuries (3) Rehabilitation and
therapeutic modalities in the field of athletic training.

APK 6130: Human Pathophysiology for the Exercise Sciences (3) Prereq: APK 2100; 2105C; 3110C. Macrotraumatic and microtraumatic inflammatory processes, factors affecting inflammation and healing, and role of exercise in controlling onset or course of inflammatory response.

PET 6905: Directed Independent Study (1-5; max: 5) Individual research projects under faculty guidance.

PET 6910: Supervised Research (1-5; max: 5) S/U.

APK 6326: Seminar in Athletic Training (1-5; max: 5) Prereq: NATA certification. Research topics or contemporary issues in athletic training.

APK 6415: Seminar in Sport Psychology: Current Topics (3) Prereq: sport psychology course or permission of instructor. Discussion of research topics, including contemporary issues and interests. In-depth exploration of research and theory. Citation of practical sport setting applications where appropriate.

APK 6940: Advanced Practicum in Exercise and Sport Sciences (1-5; max: 5) Practical experience related to the student’s area of specialization.

PET 6947: Graduate Internship in Exercise and Sport Sciences (3-9; max: 9) Prereq: completion of 2 semesters of course work applicable to specialization; permission of adviser, written application, and site approval. On-site full-time practical experience in field of study. S/U.

PET 6971: Research for Master’s Thesis (1-15) S/U.

APK 7124: Free Radicals in Aging, Exercise and Disease (3) Prereq: CHM 2040; APK 6116C or consent of instructor. Free radical biology and biochemistry. Free radical biology and biochemistry dealing with aging, exercise, antioxidants, and diseases of aging, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disease.

APK 7107: Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology (3) Prereq: APK 6116C, 6110L or equivalent. Basic mechanisms of cardiovascular dynamics at rest and in response to exercise.

APK 7129: Pulmonary Function During Exercise (3) Prereq: APK 6116C or equivalent. Regulation of pulmonary gas exchange during exercise; acute and experimental procedures during exercise.

APK 7117: Exercise Metabolism (3) Prereq: APK 6116C or equivalent. Principles of metabolic regulation during exercise; effects of chronic exercise on muscle metabolism.

PET 7386: Environmental Stress Exercise Physiology (3) Prereq: APK 6116C, 6110L or equivalent. Energetics of environmental stress on cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, and muscle physiology as they pertain to physical performance.