Master of Applied Physiology & Kinesiology: Forms and Materials

Listed below are guidelines and forms to assist you in receiving your Master of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology degree. Students should follow the steps below for successful completion of degree requirements and paperwork required for graduation. (Forms below are PDFs and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)

Please feel free to contact our Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Chris Hass, or our APK Graduate Information email at any time.

  • Apply for Florida Residency Status immediately. Students with out-of-state status are strongly encouraged to initiate the process to receive an in-state classification. We are limited in the monies we have available for tuition waivers. Failure to obtain residency by the following academic year will probably jeopardize your chances of obtaining future tuition waivers. Copies of documentation regarding the application process must be placed in your file in 100 FLG.
  • Register for a minimum of 3 semester hours each semester (2 hours for summer term). We encourage full-time student enrollment! Assistantships also have minimum credit hour requirements per semester.
  • Complete and return the General Information to 100 FLG by the 3rd week of classes (please keep Mike Balkcom updated of any changes regarding your assistantship).
  • Complete the photocopy of the Recommendation of Supervisory Committee form by the end of 1st semester & return it to Mike Balkcom , FLG room 100, for typing on an original. A minimum of 3 faculty members must agree to serve, at least 2 from within department.
  • Complete the Graduate Degree Program Contract form and Final Approval for Area of Study form with committee’s assistance. Return form with appropriate signatures to Mike Balkcom ,FLG 100, for filing no later than the beginning week of the 2nd semester in program.
  • Complete photocopy of Transfer of Graduate Courses form during 1st semester if any previous hours are to be transferred into program. Return it to Mike Balkcom , FLG 100, for typing on an original.
  • Make up all incomplete grades by the third week of the term following receipt of the “I” grade.
  • Have a graduation check completed by the Department during pre-registration or first week of classes of final term to insure compliance with GPA requirements for graduation as well as hours required in major.
  • Be enrolled for a minimum of 3 semester hours (2 hours summer term) during your final term.
  • Remove any remaining “I” grades from records.
  • File Degree Application with Registrar’s Office, S222 Criser, the first week of  the final semester. (See graduate catalog for deadline dates.)
  • Plan to take comprehensive examinations the 13th week of classes during term of intended graduation.
  • Check with committee members for examination preparation suggestions.
  • Complete Announcement of Examination form for comprehensive examination (at least ten working days in advance of defense) and return to Mike Balkcom , FLG room 100, for typing on original form and distribution.
  • Take comprehensive exam the 13th week of final semester. Return completed departmental copy of Profile of Position after Graduation and the Graduate Program Evaluation Form, and the Graduate School’s survey for nonthesis master’s students  at this time.
  • Arrange for your Report on Thesis or Dissertation and/or Final Examination form (original copy) one day before defense. See Mike Balkcom in FLG room 100 — he will type in the information, so that you may have it with you for signatures after successful defense of your thesis.
  • Receive Report on Thesis or Dissertation and/or Final Examination form (original copy) from committee chairperson one week after comprehensive examination has been completed. Obtain other committee members’ signatures and return to Mike Balkcom, FLG room 100, for remaining signatures. Pick up this form three days later and submit to Graduate School.
  • Complete materials at Career Resource Center at Reitz Union.