Athletic Training Graduate Assistant Information

Here at the University of Florida we offer a variety of athletic training graduate assistantship positions. These positions include working with high schools, Santa Fe College, the University Athletic Association (UAA) Sports Health Department, and the Department of Recreation Sports. The UAA positions work with the university teams for UF. All GA’s receive a full tuition waiver or equivalent and a stipend ranging from  $13,000 – $13,700 for each 10-month contract. UAA assistantships will be compensated at an hourly rate of $8.05 (40 hours/week & overtime). Upon graduation students will earn a Master’s degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a concentration in Athletic Training.

When sending in the cover letter, please indicate your top four GA positions in order of preference. All applicants must be admitted to the University of Florida Graduate School prior to any decisions regarding graduate assistantships.

  • Any specific questions regarding the application process should be directed to the graduate coordinator
  • ‘Any questions regarding positions with UAA Sports Health should be directed to Randall Vereb,’.
  • Any questions regarding GA positions with Department of Recreational Sports should be directed to Catherine “Cat” Cramp
  • Questions regarding any other positions or the graduate athletic training program should be directed to Dr. Brady Tripp

A brief description of the GA positions can be found below.

High School Outreach Program

The University of Florida provides athletic training services to 14 area high schools in 4 surrounding counties. The GA functions as the head athletic trainer for the high school and his/her duties include covering athletic events and practices, managing injuries and supervising undergraduate students in our CAATE-accredited athletic training education program. These positions are excellent for ATs who wish to pursue a career in athletic training at any level or pursue a terminal degree after graduation.

Santa Fe College

Santa Fe College hires one GA who provides sports health care services for the college’s athletic program. This position allows the GA to work with college level athletic teams including basketball, softball, and baseball. The GA will also have the opportunity to supervise undergraduate students in our CAATE-accredited athletic training education program.

University Athletic Association (UAA)

Students work in the UAA Sports Health Department in the role of graduate intern athletic trainers. These graduate interns serve as athletic trainers for the inter-collegiate (University of Florida) teams. Students will assist in the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and other sport-related health duties of student athletes competing for UF. They will also assist with the education and counseling aspects of the athletic training field as appropriate. UAA interns will also have the opportunity to supervise undergraduate students in our CAATE-accredited athletic training education program.

Recreational Sports

The Department of Recreational Sports employs four (4) GAs who serve as Athletic Trainers managing all aspects of our Athletic Training Program, which includes covering Sport Club competitions and tournaments (such as rugby, lacrosse, ice hockey and wrestling), Intramural Sports and Special Events, ordering/managing inventory and supplies, establishing program protocol and long-term planning. Recreational Sports has recently expanded into to our Southwest Recreation Center which includes an Athletic Training Center for prevention, treatment and follow-up of students injured in sport clubs or intramural sports activities. For more information on the Department of Recreational Sports, please visit

Qualifications for all positions:

  • Undergraduate degree from a CAATE-accredited athletic training program
  • BOC certified or certify-eligible (preference will be given for students who are already certified or who are sitting for the exam prior to the start date)
  • Current American Red Cross certification or equivalent
  • GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or better for upper division course work
  • Admission to the University of Florida Graduate School

Admission Application procedure and checklist:
For best consideration for Fall acceptance, please apply by December 1. No applications will be accepted after April 1. In order to be offered a GA position at the University of Florida you must be admitted through (1) Graduate Admissions and (2) Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. A bit of advice to be successful, start early in completing the following application procedures:

Application Procedures for Graduate Admission

The following application material requirements must be completed and returned to the appropriate location.

Mail To:Graduate Admissions
201 Criser Hall
P.O. Box 114000
Gainesville, Florida 32611-400

PLEASE NOTE: A student’s application file must be received complete at “UF Graduate Admissions” before it will be reviewed for consideration by the Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology Specialization Committee.  It must include:

  1. Graduate Student Profile Form. PDF
  2. Athletic Training Application PDF
  3. Online Web Application.
  4. $30.00 application fee. (Make check payable to: University of Florida).
  5. Cover Letter including a discussion of your desired order of preference for GA positions
  6. 3 Written Letters of Recommendation and accompanying PDF Recommendation Form
  7. Resume (emphasis on Athletic Training experience)
  8. Official GRE Scores (Minimum Requirements of 146 Verbal and 146 Quantitative [400 and 550 respectively under old scoring system] – official scores must be sent UF institutional code #5812).
  9. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. (Submit originals only to Graduate Admissions 201 Criser Hall PO Box 114000, Gainesville FL 32611-400).
  10. Mail all items to (Graduate Admissions 201 Criser Hall PO Box 114000, Gainesville FL 32611-400).

For any questions or concerns; please feel free to contact us.

Graduate Program
P.O. Box 118205
Dept. of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-8205
fax: 352-392-5262

Once an applicant’s file is complete, it is reviewed by the specialization committee indicated on the application graduate profile sheet. To be accepted, the majority of the specialization committee must approve the application for admission based on criteria previously listed, AND at least one member must be available to act as an advisor.